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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Life is sooo wonderful

Salam n Good Morning everyone...
i would like to tell u a fact about life..
well our life is actually so wonderful..
We experienced different kind of feelings..
that makes it wonderful..
when we sad, we should know that
the happiness will soon come to us,
why? because... This is what Allah promise us,
After every hardship and sadness, there will be
happiness.. so just be patient and wait for
Allah's mercifulness
and when we happy, enjoy it..
But.. don't be overexcited
until u forget the One who granted that happiness
to u... Say Alhamdulillah.. n feel it with your heart.
When u feel empty n lonely..
u should know soon that u gonna meet someone that
will fill in the emptiness in ur heart..
just pray and leave it to Allah,
He is actually the best helper for us... 

So..when u look back to things that happened in ur life..
when u think deeply, feel it with ur heart... 
then u will find that life is actually so wonderful..
because, it is actually not us who govern our life,
but Allah who is the most merciful God the one
who did that and u should know that
He never do bad to His servant. 
Well, this is what i feel about my life.. 
just want to share with all of u my dear friends.

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