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Friday, May 27, 2011

Movie Review: Kung fu panda 2

Assalamualaikum and good afternoon :)

wah wah wah... kerie... da pndai nk buat movie review. mklum la da buat skali hari tu, nk buat lg kali ni... hmm..xpelah kawan2 bg chance je la kt kerie nk syok sendiri.. hehehe... Untk pengetahuan kwn2 tercinta, hari kames yg lalu iaitu bersamaan dgn 26 May 2011 kerie tlh pg berjimba dgn kwn2 mafia kerie untk nonton di panggung.. ktorang pilih cite kung fu panda. maklum la cite tu kan msh panas lg.. bru keluar. well... mmg x menyesal pilih cite tu sbb cite tu best, kelakar and ade msg tersendiri. Some more the panda look so cute when he was a baby.. ohhh.. if u wanna see the baby panda, u should watch kung fu panda. hahaha..

po, when he was a baby.. comel kan?? geram tgok
The main story is about how the panda defeat his family enemy which is the peacock. ha... how the peacock become his family enemy?? u have to watch by urself la... boleh?? ha.. cannot?? u all wanna know. ok la, kerie tell ok.. the peacock is actually the prince of China, his father was a very good king, but the prince was too greedy to get all the power. However, the fortune teller said that he will be defeated by a black n white animal. because of this, he became so anxious and  killed all the panda in China. The king was very disappointed with his son and expell him from the palace. After several years, he comes back to take the power by using the bomb as his weapon. The Dragon master which is the panda has to defeat him in order to save China. During this time, the panda get to know who actually he is, what happen to his family and so on.. if u really wanna know more.. go n watch ok? the important thing is.. as predicted by the fortune teller, at last the panda win. yeay... hahaha... oh ok.. kerie about to forget to tell this, the new kungfu lesson in kungfu panda 2 is the inner peace n how to obtain it. well, at last the panda was able to use the inner peace to defeat that arrogant peacock. cool right?? hahaha..

The arrogant ugly peacock
This is among the funniest part of the story.

best x kwn2...? bg kerie, best. Dalam story dia ade humour, family and friendship elements. sesuai ditonton oleh pelbagai generasi. Sekali sekale layan cartoon pon cool ape kn?? hahaha... tapi kerie mang suke tgok cartoon. hehe.. terutama cartoon yg comel2.. :) kerie rase kerie bg 5 stars to kungfu panda 2.. yeay. hahaha...

Last but not least, Thanks for reading n following guys!!!

see ya!!!

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