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Saturday, May 7, 2011

A special dedication to my mother... Azizah Bt Said

Mother o Mother...
i wanna tell u something..
i miss u mother...
i wanna see ur smile...
Mother o Mother.. 
come here again mother...
i miss u... i miss u..
u're the best gift that i ever had..
u're my happiness..
u sacrifice a lot for me..
ur love never end...
there's no other words that i can say..
i love u mother.. 
Mother o mother...
let me tell u something..
i feel so grateful to have u in my life..
i miss everything about u..
n i don't know how could i survive 
without u in my life...
i pray to Allah.. 
to give u a good health, happiness and blessings...
Mother o Mother..
i'm so sorry for what i've done..
sometimes i make u sad,
sometimes i mad at u.. 
sometimes i forgot to call u..
but i know that u're always waiting for my call..
i'm sorry mother..
i will always trying to be a best daughter to u..
Mother o Mother..
please don't stop pray for me..
because ur prayer is a blessing for me.. 
mother o mother.. 
once again.. thank you for everything...
happy Mother's day ummi..
i love u mother...

P/s: perasan x bnyk kali kerie ulang.. i miss u.. sbb kerie btol2 rindu mak kerie. huhuhu... :'(

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Anonymous said...

alalala.. kesiannye.. nnti blk kpg ok.. x mau sedih2..